FAQ / Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

I Want to Change Cleaning Provider, but want to Keep the Current Staff, Is this Possible?

Yes it is! Subject to you providing TUPE information, we can transfer staff easily.

Will I Have Contact with the Same Person Throughout?

Yes! Either Darren or Ian will take responsibility for managing the contract and are available for contact throughout

Is Eco-Friendly Cleaning Much More Expensive?

No! The products themselves are more expensive. However , due to the way the products are dispensed and greater staff training , this can now be an affordable option.


Joe Dorian

Director, All Floors LTD
"A friend of mine recommended Optaclean, they were really friendly and reliable people. A pleasure to deal with."

Michael Banks

Operations Manager, Northern Freight Services
"Optaclean currently provide a daily cleaning service to Northern Freight Services. As they were a local company we decided to give Optaclean a chance to prove themselves and they have provided us with an excellent service. We are more than happy to recommend them to any other business considering using them."

Graham Robson

NTRS, Bowburn
"We were looking for a company to clean our Offices and a Customer recommended Optaclean. They have been professional and Sandra has been fantastic cleaning for us. We would definitely suggest using them."


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